• 03
    In the broadcast channel Russia 24 Victoria Kulibanova, SpiceMedia CEO, and other experts commented on the situation with the placement of Beluga vodka advertisement in Ksenia Sobchak's Instagram, and told about the features of advertising in the celebrity accounts.
  • 01
    Studies have shown that the average citizen of Russia spends 143 minutes a day on social networks, perceiving hundreds of informational messages. How to prevent a post of your brand from getting lost in the chaos of information, or - even worse - from annoying the picky and careful user, being, on the contrary, interesting and useful?
  • 10
    SpiceMedia CEO, Ms. Victoria Kulibanova, spoke at the seminar «B2B SALES LAB» organized by 1C-Bitrix and the training agency "Master Class".
  • 19
    Spice Media organized a series of business breakfasts initiated by Ramsey Diagnostics. The topic is "Comprehensive approach to the formation of healthy lifestyle: a tribute to fashion or an urgent need of today's society".
  • 17
    Evgeniya Amelina, a PR-manager at Spice Media agency, joined the list of the best St. Petersburg PR specialists, according to journalists of "The Business Petersburg".
  • 03
    Vladimir Knyazhytskyy, CEO of FastLane Group, joined the Startup Exchange expert jury. As a rule, the jury included major players in the market, investors and consultants, whose task is to assess the work of the contestants and reveal the most competitive projects.
  • 02
    Spice Media compiled a list of cases where the promotion in the media with the help of professional PR agencies is most efficient.
  • 07
    On July 5, the 12th Sprint at the Palace Square of St Petersburg was won by the member of the Russian sprint team, Ivan Anisimov, and the winner of the World Roller Skiing Cup, Ksenia Konokhova. For the second year in a row, SpiceMedia is in charge of the PR coverage of the competition.
  • 29
    Each company focused on the development and promotion in the media field should have a key spokesperson, the "face" of the brand. This person will represent the company, identify with it, every word they say may have positive or negative consequences for the brand reputation, so one of the key tasks of specialists in public relations is to prepare the spokesperson to communicate with journalists, or, using the professional slang, "brief" them.
  • 26
    Every year the majority of online users become more dynamic and more demanding to the daily content. Today they are more active than ever at watching the news, events, trends, so it is becoming more difficult for the brands to win the attention of the consumers in the overall info glut. In such complex conditions, newsjacking has become a real boon for modern PR managers, SMM-ers, advertisers and marketers.