The promotion of websites on the internet

Today, for many companies, a Web resource is one of the main channels to attract customers. Spice Media Agency specialists will carry out a series of measures to launch the website in the top ten search results, as well as other activities to attract audience to your website.

Website promotion on the internet includes the following blocks of work:

1. SEO-audit sites

Specialists of Spice Media agency materialized a series of actions for collecting information about web resources at present time.

It includes:

  • Basic audit (checking of TIC, the number of pages on a site and indexed pages, the number of internal and external links, the presence in  major catalogs, etc.)
  • Technical audit (analysis of the programming part, checking of server settings, checking a site for non-existent pages and Diagnosis of 404-error, diagnosis of the entire resource management system, etc.)
  • Analysis of the structure of the site (checking the presence of site maps, depth of articles, diagnosis of error in site navigation, etc.)
  • Audit of content (quality check for relevancy, search query pages, etc.)

2. Drawing up of a semantic core

The agency’s specialists make up the widest possible core, covering frequent searches in niche

3. SEO-promotion

Providing technical compliance of the site with the requirements of search engines

4. Content-support  of a site

Creating and publishing, on the website, exclusive and useful information for visitors 

5. Contextual advertising

Placing advertisements on the Internet, that are visible only to visitors of the internet pages, areas of interest potentially coincide with the theme of the advertised product/service.

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