Creating a corporate mass media turnkey

Corporate publications - an effective instrument for addressing the issues of external and internal communications. It is not just a means of mass media, but also an instrument of self-positioning and building the image of a company, as well as influencing the target audience.

Corporate mass media differs:

  • By the type of target audience: staff publication (business-to-personnel), publications for business partners (business-to-business); publications for customers (business-to-client), publication for professionals (business-to-professional).
  • By methods and channels of distribution: magazines, newspapers, and radio, television, Internet and intranet portals. Spice Media specialists will design and create turnkey corporate publication for any type and for any group of target audience. 

Creating corporate mass media includes the following steps:

  • Defining of the goals and objectives of the publication
  • Studying information platforms (values and key messages to the company, the company's development priorities, key news, major suppliers of news, especially the consumption of information by the target audience, etc.)
  • Developing the concept of publication (publication type, title, specifications, thematic categories, the development of the style, colors, logo, etc.)
  • Developing of design and overall Grid publication (for printed mass media)/programming resource (online media)
  • Releasing of publication



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