Anti-crisis PR

Anti-crisis PR is a complex of measures for forecasting, preventing and overcoming crisis situations, depicting a company's reputational and financial risks.

As a rule, anti-crisis PR relates to the prompt response to the existing unfavorable situations for a company, adapting to changed conditions, neutralization of negative technologies and their implications.

However, anti-crisis PR-program should consist of three parts:

  • Prevention of crises (the identification of key issues and potential threats to the company, the development of preventive measures)
  • An effective solution to the crisis (operative development and implementation of the action plan of the company in the event of a crisis)
  • Post-crisis response (implementation of PR-activities for the rehabilitation / strengthening of reputation)

The solution to crisis situations typically includes the following activities:

  • Initial and ongoing monitoring of the information space
  • Strategy development (a set of measures, key messages, conceptual emphasis, effective channels and forms of conveying information etc.)
  • The alignment of work with the mass media: press releases, press events, official announcements, placing materials in mass media
  • Realization of work with public opinion on social networks and  blogging spheres
  • Connection of «influence agency» and leaders of opinion

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