03 March 2016

Experts' Discussion of the Scandal in Ksenia Sobchak's Instagram

In the broadcast channel Russia 24 Victoria Kulibanova, SpiceMedia CEO, and other experts commented on the situation with the placement of Beluga vodka advertisement in Ksenia Sobchak's Instagram, and told about the features of advertising in the celebrity accounts.

In late February, the story with Ksenia Sobchak's picture on Instagram excited the public. The star shared the perfect end of her day, publishing a photo from one of Moscow's most prestigious places, Rublevskoe shosse, with caviar and a bottle of Beluga vodka. Later it was revealed that the photo was originally from the @kalista me profile and was made in Hollywood. According to the show hosts, the one to blame is the vodka brand PR service, not Ksenia Sobchak. Meanwhile, the cost of such advertising post on Ksenia Sobchak's page varies from RUR 250,000 (about USD 3,700) to USD 35,000. 

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